MC Sweet Tea
Currently based out of Austin, Texas, Tiana Hux performs/directs musical theatre under the stage moniker MC Sweet Tea. These performances span Burlesque, Puppet Theatre, Hip Hop and Performance Art. Musically, the shows blend Rap/Spoken Word, with elements of rock, electronic, pop and classical music genres. Her 2005 release, Story, remains an underground classic while her recent work, Animal Ball, found it's world premiere at Preservation Hall and Voodoo Fest in New Orleans, Halloween, 2010.

MC Sweet Tea raps from the perspective of a hero, that is the working man's blues, accompanied by beautiful/comedic Burlesque dancers. Weather she performs with live musicians or as an electro act, it is always a visual experience.
Upcoming Shows:
April 19th @ Spiderhouse Cafe and Ballroom
With Pong and the Bumpin' Uglies

May 31st @ Spiderhouse Cafe and Ballroom